Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marco Polo Project

Use the following links to research and locate information for your project.

BiographyCenter- Database




Monday, November 21, 2011

IB Dance Project

At the completion of this research project you will create a poster or power point presentation to share what you have learned about your subject.
You must include:
Known origins/first uses

Geographical origins

Dancers - is this a dance traditionally performed by men, women, children,
adults, groups, soloists, or partners?

What kind of training does this dance form require?

Venues and Events - outdoors, in temples, at weddings, on a public stage or holidays etc

Context - What connections does this dance form have to the religious, social, political, and economic situations where it was developed?

Parts of the body that are the focus of the dance

Distinctive and definitive movements

Costumes - Significance, reflections of cuture, practicality, focus of attention, etc

Musical accompaniment - traditional instruments, tempo, etc

Laban Effort/Actions

Narrative elements, if any

Props, if any

You must include the following and at least 5 images::::
A map, indicating geographical origins
Stills of distinctive movements
Images of traditional costumes

The presentation should be about 15 minutes in length and include an experiential element.
The rest of the class must have a chance to experience the dance through instruction and demonstration. Please have a musical selection that exemplifies the traditional accompaniment for your dance. The instruction demonstration should include a minimum of 64 counts and should illustrate some of the most essential elements of movement for your dance. Please plan time for identifying, breaking down, and explaining these movements and discussing their significance in the dance tradition.

Use the following sources for your research:::::

Gale Student Resources in Context

Biography Resource Center

History of Dance

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Different Types of dance

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Civil Rights Project

For this project you will research a person or an event from the Civil Rights Movement
You will prepare a Power Point Presentation and a 2-3 minute speech about your research and why the event/person was significant.
You will then write a follow up journal about what you learned from the experience.

You are responsible to include the following::::

When the event took place and who was involved
The causes of the event
The effects of the event
The significance of the event to the Civil Rights Movement
How does the event relate to A Raisin in the Sun?
How does the event relate to what you learned in Social Studies class
about caste systems?
Tell why this event should be remembered and studied
What have you personally learned from your research about this event?
Include relelvant pictures, graphs, statistics etc
Complete a Works Cited page


Scottsboro Boys**** Montgomery Bus Boycott
Death of Emmett Till**** Little Rock Nine
Freedom Riders**** University of Alabama
Civil Rights Acts of 1964 & 1968**** Caesar Chaves
Birmingham Church Bombing 1963**** Americans with Disabilities Act
Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit Ins**** Title 9
March on Washington

Research Sources::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Gale Student Resources in Context

Biography Database

Civil Rights Movement - Timeline


Monday, November 7, 2011

AutoShop - Mr. Lerner

Please use the following links to obtain information on BRAKE SYSTEMS

Brake Systems - Howstuffworks