Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Civil Rights Movement

Using the following sources you will answer one of the following questions:

Can "separate" be "equal"?

Were government policies successful in helping the advancement of African Americans?

Were certain Civil Rights leaders more effective that others? Why?

Was one event more important than any other? Why?

Your Task

Carefully read each of the 3 articles you selected.  Then, using evidence from at least 2 of the texts, write a well-developed argument that answers the topic you wish to address.  Clearly establish your claim, distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims, and use specific and relevant evidence from at least 2 of the articles to develop your argument.  Do not simply summarize each text.


Establish your claim
Distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims
Use specific, relevant, and sufficient evidence from at least 2 of the texts to develop your argument
Identify the source that you reference by text number and line numbers (Text 1, line 4 or Text 2, graphic)
Organize your ideas in a cohesive and coherent manner(Introduction, Body, paragraphs and Conclusion)
Maintain a formal style of writing
Follow the conventions of standard written English

When you cite in a paragraph - follow these guidelines:
In text Citation

The following links will give you information on subjects and events related to the Civil Rights Movement:

Databases: :

Biography Resource Center

ABC CLIO History


Freedom Riders

Little Rock Nine

Bombings at Birmingham

16th Street Baptist Church

Greensboro sit-ins

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Mississippi Burning - Neshoba County Civil Rights Activist Murders

Race Riots of Watts CA

Brown vs The Board of Education

Scottsboro Boys

Monday, February 24, 2014

Biography SUPA Project


For this assignment, each student will receive the name of an individual who made a significant contribution to American society.

Assignment Purposes:
To come to understand how a particular person's experiences can illuminate our understanding of the period or circumstances in which he/she lived.
To learn to do research of the sort professional historians do; locating, examining, and using appropriate source materials, and presenting one's findings to readers.

Biographical Sketch:
a) A factual account of the person's life, emphasizing aspects that are of historical significance.
b) Provide evidence and explanation of the person's historical contribution(s) and significance.
Evidence must be documented with references and citations to sources.
How and why is this person considered to be important?
What does her or his life tell us about the times in which he/she lived; about important social, scientific, cultural, economic, or politicaldevelopments; about the United States at the time?
Anotated Bibliography:
You are to create a list of reliable and relevant sources that illuminate your person's life and contributions. This list should include the sources that you used for this project as well as others that you can identifiy that may be available for research.

To get started with your research - you will find the following helpful:

Worldcat - a catalogue of material in libraries around the world - create a free account to
use this site.

Library of Congress - search materials of your person - clicking the links provided will give you info you need for your anotated bibliography.

Smithsonian - History & Culture

United States Holocaust Museum

National Archives - follow the link for general public access

Biography Resource Center - remore password - empirelink

Use the following links to access the library @Syracuse
You will need your Syracuse ID

Syracuse Library


Your paper should be 5to6 pages in length - consisting of the 2 parts explained above

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life

Spice and Herb Project

You will research and explore a spice or herb for classroom use.
Using the links and materials provided you will answer the following questions:

What does your herb or spice taste like?

Where does your spice/herb originate from? How does it grow?

What are some products, dishes and or cuisines that are usually paired with this herb or spice?

What other herbs or spices does your herb/spice pair well with?

Does your herb or spice have any non food functions? How much does this herb or spice cost? Why should someone use it in a dish?

The SpiceHouse




AntiMicrobial Effects

Benefits of Herbs&Spices

The Epicenture

Bulk Foods

In addition to these resources the library has many print sources that can assist you in finding this information.
Please ask for help if you need it :)

Roman Empire Projects

You will have 1 week to complete your project. 
Use the following sources for research on your topic.

Roman Empire
Information regarding emperors, timeline

New World Encyclopedia
Information on emperors, timeline

Ancient Rome
Roman Architecture

Architecture and Engineering
Photo gallery

Roman Mosaics - gallery

Roman Armor
Descriptions and pictures