Thursday, May 8, 2014

Genocide Project

Modern Genocide Activity
·     1)  Conduct research to find documents from the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.  Define Genocide in your own words.
      What is Genocide?

UN Convention

2)Conduct research to find information on the genocides in Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Darfur, Sudan.  Complete the graphic organizer with the information you find.

The following links contain information on all the genocides listed above

Genocide is more than the Holocaust:

United Human Rights Council

United States Holocaust Museum - Genocide Page - current information on conflicts

Oprah Winfrey - Real life accounts of Modern Genocide

United States Holocaust Museum - Genocide History (does not include Armenia)
Includes information regarding Raphael Lempkin

ABC Clio - This is a database - following the link for Genocide

The following sources are separated by the events they are about.  Most of the videos are first hand accounts
Armenian Genocide
Bosnia Genocide - BBC News includes timeline of events

The History Place - account of Bosnian Genocide

Bosnia - answers Who, What, Where, Why

Bosnia CBS - Video

Bosnia - eyewitness video

3)Conduct research to find at least two appropriate eyewitness accounts from atrocities in Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia or Darfur, Sudan.  Take notes on the graphic organizer.  As you take notes, keep in mind that this information will be used for Part 4. 

4)Write an analytical paragraph in which you identify the similarities and/or differences of the accounts, using specific details from the eyewitness accounts. You should also consider using appropriate information from your chart in part 2.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WWII Project - Quinn

Title Page- 10pts- Must include a thesis, table of contents, and a description of each group member’s responsibilities and slides.
PowerPoint – 10pts- must be submitted one day prior to your presentation, must include work cited page, six slides per page
15 to 20 minute presentation – 80pts- include visuals such as graphs, photographs, and video clips (video clips should be no longer than 3 minutes).  Make sure you can discuss each slide without having to read word for word off the slide.
Avoid overloading the slides with text. 
Project Topics and their due dates:
Due Wednesday 4/24 – Propaganda (US vs. Nazi), Effects of World War II on African Americans
Due Thursday 4/25- Effects of World War II on Women, Changes in Family Life
Due Friday 4/26 – America’s Response to the Holocaust, Japanese Internment Camps
Other Possible Topics:
Japanese Internment Camps in Canada
Latin America’s Response to the Holocaust (pick a specific country)
United States and Latin American Relations during WWII
Possible Research Sources:
US History (database)
ABC Clio (database)