Monday, April 18, 2016

Piaget Project: Create a Children's Toy Catalog

Your Task:  Break into pairs and create a Children's toy "catalog" that includes a toy for each of                           Piaget's stages.   

Research Piaget's stages of development using the internet and any sources available to you in the library.

Your group is to create a catalog using Google Docs, Google Slides, Prezi or a paper presentation that includes the following:

Cover page - illustrates Piaget's theory and your toys

Summary - stages of development using bullet points

Drawing/diagram/internet generated image of the toys you created that are appropriate for each stage.  Your toys should specifically address the needs of children in each stage/age group

Short written description of each toy

Written explanation of why each toy is appropriate for each stage of intellectual development

****for extra credit, you can create a prototype of your toys****

Helpful Resources