Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Serial Killer Project

You will research the historical attributes of a specific serial killer, create a PowerPoint presentation, print out your power point and then present your report to the class.

Use the following links to help with your research:

David Berkowitz
                                                            Nicholas Claux
Ted Bundy
                                                             Vlad Dracula
Ed Kemper
                                                             Ian Brady/Myra Hindley
Peter Kurten
                                                             Albert Fish
Ed Gein
                                                             Charles Manson
Andrei Chikatilo
                                                              Henry Lee Lucas                                                           
Marybeth Tinning
                                                             Jeffrey Dahmer
Jack the Ripper'
                                                             Nannie Doss
Ted Kaczynski
                                                             Fritz Haarmann
Arthur Shawcross
                                                            John Wayne Gacy
Richard Ramirez
                                                            John Christie
Albert Desalvo
                                                            Mary Ann Cotton
Dorothea Puente 
                                                           Wayne Williams
H.H. Homes

You can also review the information available in our databases:

Biography in Context
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Industrial Revolution

The industrial Revolution started in England and made its way to the United States
Many inventions during this period changed the way people lived and how they worked.

These changed paved the way for all future inventions and creations that continue to change how we live, where we live and what types of jobs we may have.

Not all the changes were positive, however and in the late 1700's and early 1800's life was difficult for many people.

Using the resources given, you will explore the difficulties people faced during these times.
Please use the reaction chart given to record your responses to each station.

Diseases of Industrial Revolution

Public Health Timeline

Child Labor - slideshow

Victorian England Child Labor

Working Conditions


Living Conditions 


Orphan Trains