Monday, April 8, 2019

Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie

Pie Lesson - Brecher

Pie Lesson - Mr. Brecher
Your task is to research the origin and ingredients of your assigned pie to help you become proficient in describing and ultimately creating a pie in class. Remember to write down the citation information for each resource that you use during your research.  Use the websites and databases available to you in the library.  This activity will count as a quiz grade.  As you research your pie, please respond to the following questions:

Pie Lesson Slides

Describe the taste of your pie (10 points)

Identify the composition of this pie: (10 points)
- Filling, Topping and Crust
What is the origin of your pie? Identify the region or country of your pie: (10 points)
At what point during the meal would you serve this pie? How would you classify your pie? (Sweet or Savory)  What is the ideal temperature to serve this pie?

Please describe in detail a variation of your pie.  Apply your knowledge and experience with gourmet foods and build on the knowledge you acquired today to create an original variation of the pie with a modern twist. (10 points)

List of Resources (30 points)

Fill in the information below for each website you found today. (Additional forms are available if needed)
1. Full name of the author of the site (if available) 

2. Name of the article on the website (if available)

3. Name of the website (for example: CNBC or Discover Channel

4. The publisher or sponsor of the site (for example: ehow or National Geographic)

5. The publication or last revised date of the site (hint: usually found at the bottom of the site)

6. The actual address or URL of the site (for example:

7. The date you viewed the site (for example: May 7, 2012)
Exit Activity (20 points)
List one interesting fact about pies and share with the class

Resources - Pie History
Everything Pies
This site provides a brief history of pie and many individual pie facts.

This site includes recipes and healthy eating links.

What’s Cooking America?
This site includes a comprehensive list of individual pie histories and links to recipes.

Food Timeline
This site includes a general overview of pie and pie history.  It also lists recipes and interesting facts about pies.

Derby Pie

History of Pie

Database - Culinary Arts