Friday, March 18, 2016

The Cold War Project

Name: ____________________________     Date: ______________
Global History 10         Period: ___________

Aim: Evaluate the impact of the Cold War on the nations in the world. 

Directions: Individually, you will be creating your own Cold War Google Site.  You will research ALL 8 Cold War Topics and provide valid information on each topic.  These 8 topics will be the 8 tabs on the left side of your Google Site.  Make sure to answer all questions for each topic. 

Cold War Topics: 

* Communism Revolution in China
* Korean War
* Vietnam War
* Cuban Missile Crisis 
* The Space Race
* 1980 Winter Olympics
* Revolution in Nicaragua
* Invasion of Afghanistan 

Research NEEDED for each topic in your Google Site:
* Include TITLE of Presentation
* Who was involved?
* Explain what happened during this event.
* When did it happen?
* Where did it occur?
* What were the effects of the event?
* Provide 3-5 visual representation for each topic: 
o Pictures, maps, graphs, etc.
* Imbed/Attach YouTube Clip!

This is the link to where all the databases are listed
Username: LBHS
Password: library

Directions for Google Sites:
* Sign into your lbeach gmail account.
o Username: First 3 Letters of your First Name, Last Name
o Password: unless you already changed it à lbsd School ID #

* Put your cursor over ‘Google Apps’ in the top right hand corner.
o Look for ‘Sites’ app and click on it.

* Click ‘Create’
o Name of your site: Cold War Topic
o Choose ‘Blank Template’ 
o Choose a ‘Theme’ for your Google Site
o Click ‘Create’ when you are finished

* Once you are on your actual ‘Google Site’ you will then create your Home Page for your Project
o Click the pencil in the top right corner to ‘edit’ your Home Page
o Once you are ready to create tabs on the left side of your ‘Site’, click on the ‘Create Page’ icon and follow the project guidelines.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Senior English Documentation Argument Paper

Your Task:  Write an argument paper in which you logically claim a position for or against your class's chosen proposition.  Your paper must logically and persuasively prove why your position is stronger and or right.  You must also refute any claims against your position.  You must cite three sources to support your opinion, one of which must be a scholarly article.

Guidelines:  You must use at least 3 credible sources from the library databases or a selected
                      library book - 1 must be from a scholarly journal article

Requirements:  Write your ideas as persuasively as possible using the reasoning strategies learned
                           in class.  Your essay must be 3-5 pages, carefully and consistently edited, typed
                           double spaced in 12pt New Roman font.  It must include an original title, in-text
                          citations, and a Works Cited page following MLA format.

Propositions for Debate 2016:

Resolved, the drinking age should be lowered to 18
Resolved, the presidential nominee should be a Republican
Resolved, transgender people should not be not be able to choose the space/place that suites their
   gender identity, but rather their biological sex instead
Resolved, marijuana should be legalized for both medicinal and recreational use

To research these topics use the following link to access databases


the user name is lbhs
the password is library

Presidential election

2016 election


Transgender links;


SanFran schools