Monday, October 28, 2013

Persuasive Speech Project

What is a Persuasive Speech?

The following are a list of possible topics for this subject:

Is imprionment an effective punishment?
Should body piercing/tattooing be banned?
Are chat rooms safe?
Ban on mobile phones in certain areas
Should paparazzi be banned?
Gender equality is a must in every nation
Use of arms is essential for personal security in high tension areas
Should casinos be banned?
Computers should be provided for free to students
Use of steroids allowed in sports and athletics
Juvenile criminals should be subjected to psychiatrist treatment
Juvenile criminals should be sentenced like adult criminals
Sex education should be mandatory in schools
Wrestling/boxing should be banned
Immigration laws should be severed/relaxed
Use of animals for any form of entertainment should be banned
Voting should be mandatory
Life without Internet is impossible
Teachers should be paid according to performance
Fad diets can be life-threatening
Tipping for service should be banned
Charity/community service should be made compulsory
Is internet dating harmful?
Finance education should be compulsory in high school
Beauty pageants set false rules on beauty

Use the following links to conduct your research:

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Opposing Viewpoints in Context


Global Issues in Context

If you get a NOVEL NY screen requiring a password - the password is "empirelink"

Friday, October 11, 2013

Poverty In America - Research Project

Your task:

1.      Please select one task in order to construct a documented two-page critical analysis of poverty in America. 

2.      Your two-page paper must be typed in M.L.A. format. 

3.      The body of your paper must include textual evidence from the film documentary 30 Days Minimum Wage, the article Poverty and The Effects on Children and Parents, and two other reliable/ reputable source and personal accounts.

4.      Late papers are unacceptable.  Each day the paper is late; a minimum of five points will be deducted. 

Your choices:

1.      Research the current minimum wage in our country.  Explain when and why the minimum wage was created.  Find out what the current NYS and federal minimum wage is.  Do you think that the minimum wage is high enough? Explain and justify your position by providing textual evidence from two reputable sources.  Discuss a solution one could take to avoid having to accept minimum wage jobs and support your position with current facts, statistics, and/or anecdotes.


2.      Define and research the working poor.  Through your research, illustrate what this expression means for people in America.  Find statistics from two reliable sources about the current working poor.   Discuss why people are stuck in this cycle, and offer at least one solution people could take to avoid this problem and be sure to support your position by providing reputable and current facts, statistics and/ or anecdotes.

Define poverty.  Illustrate the current poverty epidemic in our country.  Cite examples and statistics from two reliable sources that illustrate poverty as a current American problem.  Detail the effects of poverty on children, parents, and our society as a whole.  Make sure to include the socioeconomic effects, in addition to the psychological effects of poverty.  What steps can people take to get out of poverty? Identify two solutions one could take to avoid poverty.  Be sure your solutions are supported by various reliable sources via facts, statistics, and/ or anecdotes

Use the following sources for your research:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Global Issues in Context



The Census Bureau

World Hunger

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Latin American Revolutions Project 10H

By the late 1700's, the revolutionary spirit that engrossed the United States and Europe spread to Latin America. People were dissatisfied with their social and political limitations and began to demand change.

Directions::::  As a group, you will research one of the assigned Latin American countries and become experts about its revolution.  You will then create a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, I-Movie etc)  and teach the class about your assigned country.  

Below is a list of the countries to be researched: 






El Salvador

Dominican Republic  

If there is a Latin American country your group would like to study that is NOT on the list, please let me know and we can discuss it.

In your presentation you must include: 

- A brief biography and a picture of the revolutionary leader(s)
How did he rise to power/position of leadership? In what way did he lead the revolt? How was he a successful leader? How was he an unsuccessful leader?  

- Evaluation of the Revolution
What were the causes (think about social, political, and economic reasons) of the Revolution? How did it begin? What social classes were involved and why? What were some important battles?

- Results of the Revolution
Who became leader, What were the social, political, and econmic results of the Revolution? Explain if you believe the Revolution was successful or not. Please include two maps of your country: one before the Revolution and one after the Revolution.

Each individual in the group will be responsible for handing in two individual assessments: 
Self Evaluation/Reflection using the project rubric 
1 page written response  to this statement in regard to Latin America
Revolutions:  Do the ends justify the means? Please use specific examples from your research and your class notes from the presentations.   

Biography Resource Center

ABC CLIO History Databases