Tuesday, December 16, 2014

OPVL - Mini WWI Project

Origin, Purpose, Value, Limitations
is a way to analyze historical documents in order to decide its usefulness.  For this project, you will choose one of the statements below and "prove" it to be true.  This will be done by researching photographs, informational text or propaganda posters.

Thesis Statement (choose 1)

A.  Propaganda during WW1 motivated men from both the Allied and Central Powers to serve their country by joining the military

B.  New technology used during WW1 made it one of the deadliest wars of the 20th century

You will analyze 5 photographs or propaganda posters according to the OPVL model.  For the purpose of this mini-study, you will be required to analyze 1 document with the full OPVL requirements.  The other 4 documents will be analyzed using Origin and Purpose as well as a brief summary explaining how the document supports your thesis statement.

Use the following sources to conduct your research:

World War 1 Technology

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters from US and other nations

WWI Technology Photos

Library of Congress

US History in Context
Password: long_log

War & Terrorism Collection

World History in Context
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Monday, December 15, 2014

All The Broken Pieces - Baby Lift Research and 9/11 Research


Use the following resources to answer the research questions:

Video- Vietnam War History

History of the Vietnam War

What was the cause of the Vietnam War?
What was The Draft?
Why did American's oppose the Vietnam War?
How were soldier's treated when they returned home?

Babylift- Video

Operation Babylift - Overview

Vietnanm Babylift Legacy Page

PBS: Babylift

What was Operation Babylift?

Goodnight Saigon

Video: Vietnam Wall


UnKnown Soldier - John Hulme

The city is going to survive, we are going to get through it, it’s going to be very, very difficult time. I don't think we yet know the pain that we're going to feel when we find out who we lost, but the thing we have to focus on now is getting this city through this, and surviving and being stronger for it. --Rudolph Giuliani

September 11

ABC News 9/11

9/11 Memorial

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

IB Italian

Mi chiamo ________________________________________Signora Carfagno


La data ______________________________________________Italiano IB 2




The Goal of the written assignment is to complete a creative writing piece based on the common thread found within different articles (up to 4 articles)  based on the CORE topics (Social relationships, Global issues , Communication and Media)


1.     Choose a topic related to the CORE.

2.     Google the topic in the target language

3.     Choose a minimum of 3 sources (up to 4 sources max.) that are related to the topic of your choice ( 2 articles plus a blog and /or an audio visual source..

4.     Articles must be related to AND from the target culture AND written in the target language.


Things to consider before the writing process;


·        Ascertain the common threads of the articles chosen.

·        Highlight three important facts or ideas from each article.

·        How are they going to be developed in your paper?

·        How will those facts help you achieve your goals.


Task: choose one of the text types below for your body of your paper and develop a new piece of writing that will use your sources to show your knowledge of the topic. Make sure you include two facts or ideas from each article.  (300- 400 words)

 *** Make sure to include the links of your sources at the end of your paper***


Text types options:  Interviews, article, editorial, speech, brochure, formal letter, blog, informal letter, or diary entry.





The rationale introduces the assignment in 150- 200 words and must include:


·        The subject investigated

·        A brief description of each of the sources

·        The student’s intended aim(s)

·        Explanation of how the student intends to achieve his or her aim(s) – choice of text types, audience, register, style and so on.



*SL candidates are required to provide the bibliographical information (title, author, publisher, date, web address, etc. as appropriate) of three or four sources used, the number of words in the task and the rationale, and to confirm the core topic that the written assignment relates to.







Monday, December 1, 2014

IB Dance

IB Dance Project
At the completion of this research project you will create a poster or power point presentation to share what you have learned about your subject.
You must include:
Known origins/first uses

Geographical origins

Dancers - is this a dance traditionally performed by men, women, children,
adults, groups, soloists, or partners?

What kind of training does this dance form require?

Venues and Events - outdoors, in temples, at weddings, on a public stage or holidays etc

Context - What connections does this dance form have to the religious, social, political, and economic situations where it was developed?

Parts of the body that are the focus of the dance

Distinctive and definitive movements

Costumes - Significance, reflections of cuture, practicality, focus of attention, etc

Musical accompaniment - traditional instruments, tempo, etc

Laban Effort/Actions

Narrative elements, if any

Props, if any

You must include the following and at least 5 images::::
A map, indicating geographical origins
Stills of distinctive movements
Images of traditional costumes

The presentation should be about 15 minutes in length and include an experiential element.
The rest of the class must have a chance to experience the dance through instruction and demonstration. Please have a musical selection that exemplifies the traditional accompaniment for your dance. The instruction demonstration should include a minimum of 64 counts and should illustrate some of the most essential elements of movement for your dance. Please plan time for identifying, breaking down, and explaining these movements and discussing their significance in the dance tradition.

Use the following sources for your research:::::

Fine Arts and Music Collection
hundreds of full-text magazines and journals covered in databases such as the Wilson Art Index and RILM, this collection provides resources to support research in areas such as drama, music, art history, and filmmaking

Gale Student Resources in Context

Biography Resource Center

History of Dance

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Different Types of dance