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IB Dance

IB Dance Research 
IB Dance - Research
History Origin & Current Context- Describe how your dances came to be and how they evolved into modern day society.
- Clearly explain who created them, where and when they were created, why they were created and how  they were created.
- Discuss the evolution of the styles from inception to its current context.
- When discussing the current context, explain how these dances function today, in present day society.  For example, what purpose do they serve: social, political, spiritual/religious?  How does this evolved state compare to its original purpose? 

Dance Elements 

In a paragraph or two, discuss both dance styles' distinguishing elements, including:
- Dominant Dynamics - The dominant Laban Effort Actions include......
- Main Body Initiations
- Outstanding Movement
- Levels
- Musicality/Music
- Typical length of a piece
- Costumes, Make Up

The Critique

Complete a well developed analysis of a video clip or live performance of your second dance style.

The Interview

Investigate your unfamiliar dance style by interviewing a dance, dance teacher, dance researcher, dance historian or choreographer in the unfamiliar dance style.  
Your first assignment is to contact a person to interview. 


Start with a strong topic sentence, linking the two styles together.
Write the body of your paragraph - include the following:
- who began the dance
- when it began
- who watched it
- purpose it served, how it was evolved  and what purpose it now serves
Include MLA cited sentences
Current context
Conclusive sentence

Finding an Unfamiliar Style - Videos:

La Belle au Bois Dormant (Jonas, p. 134)
Interview with Tamasaburo (Jonas p. 136)
Commedia Dell' Arte (Jonas, p. 155)
Pas de Quatre (Jonas, p. 158)

List of Choreographers: 

  1. Alvin Ailey, modern
  2. Fred Astaire, Broadway, tap
  3. Josephine Baker, burlesque, theatre
  4. George Balanchine, ballet
  5. Don Campbell, locking
  6. Jack Cole, theatrical jazz
  7. Dean Collins, swing
  8. Merce Cunningham, modern
  9. Ruth St. Denis, modern
  10. Charles Louis Didelot, ballet
  11. Isadora Duncan, modern
  12. Agnes de Mille, ballet, theatre
  13. Jacques d’Amboise, ballet
  14. Katherine Dunham, modern
  15. Norberto Esprez, Tango
  16. Bob Fosse, musical theatre, jazz
  17. Lois Fuller, modern, lighting
  18. Antonio Gades, Spanish Flamenco
  19. Gus Giordano, jazz
  20. Martha Graham, modern
  21. Savion Glover, tap
  22. Tatsumi Hijikata, Butoh, Japanese dance
  23. Gregory Hines, tap, theatre
  24. Lester Horton, modern, Native American, jazz
  25. Doris Humphrey, modern
  26. Judith Jamison, modern, ballet
  27. Bill T. Jones, modern, ballet
  28. Rudolph Laban, Laban
  29. Jose Limon, modern
  30. Frankie Martinez, salsa
  31. Mario Maya, Flamenco
  32. Mia Michaels, jazz, contemporary dance
  33. Alex Moore, ballroom
  34. Mark Morris, modern, ballet
  35. Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky, ballet
  36. Christian Oviedo, Latin
  37. Pearl Primus, modern
  38. Kimia Ravangar, Iranian dance
  39. Gerome Robbins, classical ballet, contemporary musical theatre
  40. Bill Robinson, tap
  41. 41.  Jimmy Slyde, tap, jazz
  42. 42.  Sylvia Sykes, swing
    43.  Paul Taylor, modern
    44.  Hong Ten, breakdancing
    45.  Twyla Tharp, modern, theatre
    46.  Eddie Torres, salsa
    47.  John Weaver, pantomime
    48.  Mary Wigman, modern
Research Sources:::

Fine Arts and Music Database

FindIt - user name lbhs  password library